PH-Balancing Mask

Pearl protein mask. It rebuilds the internal hydration in the fibers of the cortex, repairs and protects the outside of the hair, giving the cuticle a greater shine.

How it works

Balancing mask with pearl proteins and lipids, it rebalances the pH of bleached hair by reducing its porosity and profoundly sealing the cuticles, making the hair strong and shiny.


1000 ml


Strong hydration, excellent cuticle closure, ph rebalancing


Pearl proteins
Octil Restore

Ideal for

Blond and treated hair


Made of cyclic oligosaccharides (sugars) obtained from plant sources, it guarantees the gradual release of the active ingredients and enhances their results.

Octil Restore

Organic compound that creates a network that adheres to the keratin and strengthens it.

Pearl proteins

Amino acid that restores the natural elasticity of the fiber and prevents yellowing.
Blonde Reconstructor
A reconstruction treatment for blond and bleached hair, protective during the lightening phase.

Unbroken Blonde

Blonde Lock

PH-Balancing Mask

Fiber Filler

Clarifying Shampoo