Extreme Repair Home Care Conditioner

Thanks to the moisturizing and nourishing action of cocoa, it makes hair healthy, silky and soft.

How it works

Always use it together with Shampoo and Extreme Repair Conditioner.

Thanks to its moisturizing and nourishing action, it makes hair healthy, silky and soft. It is the perfect solution to recovering damaged hair, as the extreme repair works deep in the cuticle to restore the natural and healthy state of the hair from root to end.


300 ml


Moisturizing action for the cuticle of the hair


Cationic peptides

Ideal for

Natural hair and treated hair


Thanks to the strong reconstruction that is stimulated in the hair fiber, the keratin leaves the hair shiny and the cuticle aligned.

Cationic peptides

They give more body to the hair.


Its moisturizing property increases the elasticity of the hair while protecting it from future damage.
Extreme Repair Home Care
Home care of the deep molecular reconstruction service for seriously damaged hair. Ideal for natural and colored hair.

Extreme Repair Home Care Conditioner

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