Antifrizz Home Care Conditioner

After using the shampoo, it immediately seals the cuticles of the hair. This gives the hair a smoother, shinier look, further reducing frizz.

How it works

Anti-frizz Conditioner without Salt, without Parabens, without Silicones and without Sulphates! Ideal for maintaining the Brasil Cacau Keratin treatment.


300 ml


Maintenance of the long-lasting smoothing effect and elimination of frizz



Ideal for

All types of hair


Thanks to the strong reconstruction that is stimulated in the hair fiber, the keratin leaves the hair shiny and the cuticle aligned.


Its moisturizing property increases the elasticity of the hair while protecting it from future damage.
Antifrizz Home Care
Home care upkeep of the smoothing service thanks to the contribution of keratin present in this line of products. For a long-lasting effect.

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